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Pre-fabricated buildings turnkey

TTrade is a general contracting company focused on providing design and construction and installation services since 2012.

Design and construction company "TTrade" introducing advanced European experience in the design of structures prefabricated buildings and structures in Ukraine. The accuracy of the calculations, innovative technology and modern building materials guarantee the efficiency of the projects, the reliability and durability of our facilities.

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TTrade offers foundation services. We are ready to implement all the project stages, whether foundation calculation or maintenance of the finished foundation strength development.

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TTrade provides steel installation services for prefabricated buildings. Only a highly-trained and prepared team of professional construction and installation workers does this kind of job strictly following project documentation requirements. Our company provides our team with all the necessary tools, machinery, and equipment for assembly services.

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The cost of the sandwich panels’ assembly is based on the extent of the project. Our professional installation personnel is ready to do installation work of any complexity following all building and safety principles and contract obligations. We also guarantee timely building commissioning.

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The advantages of our prefabricated
and energy efficient buildings
Eco-friendly and fire-proof materials guarantee ecological and fire-safety
Structural safety corrosion resistance, and modern design
Pretty low transportation expenses of prefabricated structure save the overall project price
The variety of types and sizes allow implementing any project of diverse size, complexity, and purpose
Easy installation, reasonable price, and fast performance enable us to speed up commissioning
The long-lasting durability and excellent structure layout
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We are ready to give a tour of the different facilities that we’ve built. We are proud to show you our completed projects!

Proper design of objects for different purposes

The metal frame is a basis for the facilities we build
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The enclosing structure is sheathed with high-quality European sandwich panels Paneltech manufacturing company (Poland)
The proposed sandwich panel filled with polyurethane foam PUR and PIR penopolistirola European production company Paneltech
Sandwich panels with polyurethane наполнением1
Sandwich panels with polyurethane наполнением2
Sandwich panels with polyurethane наполнением3
Sandwich panels with polyurethane наполнением4
Sandwich panels with polyurethane наполнением5
Sandwich panels with polyurethane наполнением6
Read more about sandwich panels
In used as insulation polyisocyanurate PIR-soft
As insulation is used mineral wool
  • The advanced calculation and 3D-imaging of project
  • The state-of-art building materials certified in Ukraine
  • Permits and licenses for performance of all project, construction and installation works
  • Highly-trained and fully-equipped team of professionals
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Completed projects

YOU CAN WATCH HOW WE ARE DOING OUR JOB! We provide our clients with start-to-finish services. We’ll send you photos and videos made by a drone.

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When it comes to building, opt for professionals!

You will benefit at the fullest when using innovative building materials while building prefabricated structures and modular structures of different purposes.
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We build reliable and affordable facilities for all industries

You’ll be the owner of a modern, reliable, energy-efficient, and technological building that will increase your business income.
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We build reliable and affordable facilities for all industries

Our team consists of skilled design-and-planning engineers that have vast experience working with specialized programs to calculate constructional load, heat load, and other types of load on a facility.
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We build reliable and affordable facilities for all industries

For the perfect implementation of your project, we have a highly trained and fully-equipped team ready for a work trip to a work location. Our teams are fully equipped with specialized tools and equipment.
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build reliable and affordable buildings for all spheres of business

Provide mandatory technical supervision during the construction period by the representative of the European side with the issuance of the warranty insurance certificate
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Online quote

The approximate size of the building
Span width

* The calculation shall be made based on the characteristics mentioned above. Additional design elements of the building shall be agreed upon order finalization and more precise calculation of your project.

Step frames
The type of panels
Roof panel thickness
Wall panel thickness
The angle of inclination, degrees
0m 2

The result of the calculation

  • 0m 2
    Building area, m2
  • 0m 2
    The area of the walls of the building, m2
  • 0m 2
    The roof area of the building m2
  • 0т/m 2
    Metal sin beam of 0.03 t/m2
  • 0т/m 2
    Bent OTS.the profile of 0.005 t/m2
  • 0грн/m 2
    Hardware 68.948 грн/m²
  • 0т/m 3
    Anchor blocks 0,0001173 t/m3
  • 0m 3
    The building volume, m3
  • 0m 2
    Plinth 0,3x0,6m
  • 0m 3/шт
    Pier Foundation to a depth of 2m
The volume
Price per unit
The amount
Design of reinforced concrete structures (QOL)
m 2
Design of metal structures (KM)
m 2
The design of building envelopes (KO)
m 2
Design architecture (AR)
m 2


Metal sin beam
Bent OTS. Profile
Anchor blocks
Wall panels
m 2
Roof panels
m 2
Components (screws, sealant, all elements of the frame, a polyurethane foam)


Mounting frame
The installation of panels
m 2


Plinth 0,3x0,6m
m 3
Pier Foundation to a depth of 2m
m 3
Total: UAH

TTRADE is a General contractor specializing in the design and construction of industrial facilities in Kiev.

Our company offers lower prices of competitors due to:

  • the experience of professionals who know how to optimize the project, not only at design stage but also during the implementation;
  • the involvement of own construction equipment;
  • exclusive rights to supply the European building materials;
  • the build cycle works General Contracting – from the initial idea to the final completion of the project;
  • commitments compliance with regulatory standards;
  • compliance with the undertakings referred to when signing the contract.

The General contractor (the company TTRADE) will provide the construction of buildings of sandwich panels to the Polish manufacturer PaNELTECH:

  • filled with foam;
  • with a filler of mineral wool;
  • with polyurethane and polyisocyanurate filler: PW PUR PW PIR PW PIR SOFT.

Technical catalogue of sandwich panels PaNELTECH.

Examples of completed projects you can find on the website in the section "Portfolio". The price of the services contractor is calculated individually based on the complexity and scope of work. If you have questions, please contact our specialists.

High speed of execution becomes a significant advantage in the construction of the sandwich panels. This material is versatile and allows you to build everything from the factory to a small storage space. Not postponing "indefinitely", we offer the services of a General contractor company TTRADE. Our specialists carry out the construction of the facility in accordance with the prepared project. The price of installation of prefabricated buildings(bvz) depends on the category of difficulty of construction, as well as the availability of permits and project documentation.

A leader amongst General Contracting

The construction of BMZ affordable for even first-time entrepreneur, who expects a quick return on investment. The building can be used as a warehouse for the equipment, products, etc. Installation of prefabricated buildings of sandwich panels suitable for agricultural use (e.g. cattle). Relevant services of the General contractor in the construction of industrial facilities: plants, factories etc. Even sports facilities can be built of sandwich panels.