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Our guarantee — the experience from implemented projects that serves as the Foundation of quality for building confidence of the Ukrainian business. Reaffirm your professionalism, not with words but with the objects that bring profit to our customers.

Objects that are now in the implementation

We will do all the work "turnkey" — from Foundation to roof installation. You will be able to see how works getting phased photos and video from the quadcopter.
See how we work!
We are ready to give a tour of the different facilities that we’ve built. We are proud to show you our completed projects!

TTRADE is a General contractor specializing in the design and construction of industrial facilities in Kiev.

Our company offers lower prices of competitors due to:

  • the experience of professionals who know how to optimize the project, not only at design stage but also during the implementation;
  • the involvement of own construction equipment;
  • exclusive rights to supply the European building materials;
  • the build cycle works General Contracting – from the initial idea to the final completion of the project;
  • commitments compliance with regulatory standards;
  • compliance with the undertakings referred to when signing the contract.

The General contractor (the company TTRADE) will provide the construction of buildings of sandwich panels to the Polish manufacturer PaNELTECH:

  • filled with foam;
  • with a filler of mineral wool;
  • with polyurethane and polyisocyanurate filler: PW PUR PW PIR PW PIR SOFT.

Technical catalogue of sandwich panels PaNELTECH.

Examples of completed projects you can find on the website in the section "Portfolio". The price of the services contractor is calculated individually based on the complexity and scope of work. If you have questions, please contact our specialists.

High speed of execution becomes a significant advantage in the construction of the sandwich panels. This material is versatile and allows you to build everything from the factory to a small storage space. Not postponing "indefinitely", we offer the services of a General contractor company TTRADE. Our specialists carry out the construction of the facility in accordance with the prepared project. The price of installation of prefabricated buildings(bvz) depends on the category of difficulty of construction, as well as the availability of permits and project documentation.

A leader amongst General Contracting

The construction of BMZ affordable for even first-time entrepreneur, who expects a quick return on investment. The building can be used as a warehouse for the equipment, products, etc. Installation of prefabricated buildings of sandwich panels suitable for agricultural use (e.g. cattle). Relevant services of the General contractor in the construction of industrial facilities: plants, factories etc. Even sports facilities can be built of sandwich panels.