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Design of prefabricated buildings – TTRADE

design of prefabricated buildings and support customers in obtaining permits for construction in Ukraine

We help you save your time and money. Cooperating with us, you get a technical specification for the design of the facility and a full quote in advance to see how much time and money for the construction of the object. We know how to reduce your costs and help to meet the budget.
In the creation and approval of preliminary design is determined by the cost of works are estimated costs, it is possible to provide various design options and to identify possible design errors. The price and timing of the development of the conceptual design depends on the size of the building and its purpose.
Work and project documentation – approved and agreed with the client a set of drawings and plans that are the basis for the start of construction. All figures and data in the feasibility calculation, is confirmed by the formulas in special programs, and the costs of the construction of the object as accurate as possible. A working draft is a lot of internal audits in the company and can be sent to the state examination.
The company TTRADE interested in the development and implementation of technically competent and cost-effective project solutions for their customers. The cost of design documentation is often embedded in the total cost of construction and installation works.
Supervision involves service support of construction representative of the company or a direct project developer, personal control when performing construction schedule, compliance with all details of the project. If necessary, possible organization of photo and video monitoring at all stages of construction. Frequency of reporting is stipulated in the contract of author's and technical supervision.

HOW WE worked ON this PROJECT: 5 steps on the way to the ideal

The whole complex of works on creation of the project divided into several stages. Each new stage lays the Foundation for successful implementation later. The company TTRADE offers a full cycle of work from a team of experts in design, budgeting and feasibility studies, preparation of documentation, development of conceptual and detailed design and subsequent supervision during implementation of the project on the construction site.

Look at the example of visualization of the project!
    Your object can be represented in 3-D or in the form of layout



with whom we will help

Structures III category of complexity To obtain permission to start construction you need to perform the following work:

Objects with the middle class (the consequences of) responsibility (CC2) are approved by the EXTINGUISH on the Declaration of the start of construction works.

Facilities of IV-V categories of complexity The procedure of registration of hazardous objects, designed for permanent residence where a great number of people, the following:

Permission for construction of the facility

the official document granting the right to carry out such work as: construction, reconstruction, major repairs to the customer and the contractor. The documents and the completed solution in 2 copies served to EXTINGUISH, which may take 5-10 days to check documentation and provide was a solution.

Term of validity – 3 years

A small private home or outbuildings I-II category
• Design and construction of private homes on individual and standard projects. • You can leave the site of the future construction • Selection of modern and ecological materials for the construction of the object the Help of specialists and support in obtaining a construction permit the customer saves resources and reduces the risk of common mistakes in the design.The company TTRADE guarantee of a positive decision upon receipt of permission.

Proper design
    objects for different purposes

Order our materials, you will get a generous gift: designing and 3 D visualisation for 0 USD!


Use high quality materials from European production

The use of high quality materials that comply with the norms, standards and requirements of construction, allows us to quickly build energy facilities of new generation in full accordance with the wishes and budget of the client.

Since 2012 the company "TTRADE":

    General representative in Ukraine of the manufacturer of sandwich panels Paneltech (Poland)
      •The General representative of the PVC roofing membrane Rhenofol (Germany)
        •General representative of the internal drainage system Valsir (Italy);
          We have exclusive rights to negotiate with the manufacturer and the formation of pricing for our clients. Each client will be offered the price of high-quality materials below market.
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Effective drainage for flat roofs System internal drainage vacuum siphon action ValsirRainplus® - an innovative system of vertical pipes reduces the number of pipes for installation by 80%, which allows to save materials 30%.
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Sandwich panel is a laminate of metal sheet corrosion-resistant plating. The scope of application of sandwich panels PaNELTECH: facades and exterior walls, interior partitions, roof and ceilings, flooring and General insulation objects.
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Insulation of constructive elements of the building The company TTRADE is a distributor of mineral insulation of "Beltep" on the territory of Ukraine. The material is recommended for thermal insulation of residential and industrial objects with a high degree of fire safety. We offer a special price guarantee the quality.
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The range of roll roofing materials TECHNONICOL leader in the market of industrial construction. Manufacturers offer the high quality and the best prices on roofing products, and the company TTRADE ensures the rational design and quality during installation.
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Free system design
for comfortable work and rest

Lighting system
Development of lighting solutions and design documentation for them, integrated equipment supply, installation and commissioning.
Electrical system
Detailed design with the selection of place of installation, development of project documentation, supply and installation of quality control of its work.
Design and implement projects
    water supply, conditioning, ventilation, industrial and private facilities, offices and administrative buildings, warehouse and other facilities.

  • 1


    Expert advice the client to go deeper into the business and the requirements for forming the image of the future building.
  • 2


    Preparation of layout based on previously identified preferences of the client and specifics of the business. Preparation of the necessary documentation.
  • 3

    Definition of terms

    Detailed planning of works, selection of skilled performers and leaders and setting the terms
  • 4

    Fixing the value

    Full pricing on materials, complex of works. Preparation of detailed estimates and economic justification of all costs.
  • 5

    Execution of works

    Construction work in full compliance with technological standards and approved project.


The projected solar power plants so that the sun worked for you all year round

Strive to make facilities as energy efficient as possible. Consider dozens of factors:
    • the needs of the object in the energy,
      • orientation on the part of the world
        • the possibility of mounting at the optimum angle of inclination,
          • the presence of shading objects,
            • the area which turns out to be used for placement of solar panels and more.

Already at the design stage we are doing everything to expedite the return of your investment and reduce expenses

We care about functionality and efficient use of every inch of space in the future. Make accurate calculation of consumption of materials, minimise the risk to pay for the extra.Laying the Foundation the right microclimate, orientirueshsya on modern energy-saving technologies. Give all drawings to customers that choose us as a materials supplier or contractor.

We have designed more than 500 objects

Among them: plants and vegetable stores, meat shops and warehouses, shopping areas. Many of the projects brought to life by doing all the work "turnkey" for a few months.

We have all certificates and permits, more than 15 units of own specialized equipment, and 30 highly qualified designers and architects, design and construction Department with experience in construction of BMP 5 to 15 years.

TTRADE - the professional executor of your ideas

In the process, our specialists use a wide range of instrumental methods of research and design with the use of modern equipment, devices and software. This allows us to offer each client effective and sustainable solution with the exact calculation of all engineering and communication systems for a successful business and any industry.

Need expert advice and preliminary assessment of design work?Call:(067) 480-66-80 and(067) 324-74-04 or leave a request on the website

design stages


Design Department of the company TTRADE offers a comprehensive package of services from design to supervision over the erection.
    Specialists of the Department participate in the signing of the warranty when putting a construction object into operation.
      When you order a project, you get:
        - The calculation in the computer modeling programs
          - 3-D design and visualization
            - Cost reduction through affiliate programs
              - Warranty on labor and materials
                - Complex of works "turnkey" and without intermediaries
    TTRADE company cooperates with customers of any form of ownership.
      The designs of energy efficient buildings and structures inherent building materials of European quality, certified on the territory of Ukraine.
You decide!
    Typical or individual project?
1 Model project– universal base the project on the basis of which to develop other projects, making adjustments to the specifications, varying space-planning decisions, improving and improving the appearance of the object depending on the customer's wishes.
2 Individual project developed for specific conditions of construction, in accordance with the type of terrain, based on the wishes of the particular customer, strictly according to the technical task, given sehabettin, requirements and objectives.

The distinction between the individual design and operate a model project in the cost and also end result. The model projects demand for construction of chain stores and shopping malls, sports facilities, agricultural buildings for agriculture, for buildings, urban infrastructure and industrial plants.

TTRADE is a General contractor specializing in the design and construction of industrial facilities in Kiev.

Our company offers lower prices of competitors due to:

  • the experience of professionals who know how to optimize the project, not only at design stage but also during the implementation;
  • the involvement of own construction equipment;
  • exclusive rights to supply the European building materials;
  • the build cycle works General Contracting – from the initial idea to the final completion of the project;
  • commitments compliance with regulatory standards;
  • compliance with the undertakings referred to when signing the contract.

The General contractor (the company TTRADE) will provide the construction of buildings of sandwich panels to the Polish manufacturer PaNELTECH:

  • filled with foam;
  • with a filler of mineral wool;
  • with polyurethane and polyisocyanurate filler: PW PUR PW PIR PW PIR SOFT.

Technical catalogue of sandwich panels PaNELTECH.

Examples of completed projects you can find on the website in the section "Portfolio". The price of the services contractor is calculated individually based on the complexity and scope of work. If you have questions, please contact our specialists.

High speed of execution becomes a significant advantage in the construction of the sandwich panels. This material is versatile and allows you to build everything from the factory to a small storage space. Not postponing "indefinitely", we offer the services of a General contractor company TTRADE. Our specialists carry out the construction of the facility in accordance with the prepared project. The price of installation of prefabricated buildings(bvz) depends on the category of difficulty of construction, as well as the availability of permits and project documentation.

A leader amongst General Contracting

The construction of BMZ affordable for even first-time entrepreneur, who expects a quick return on investment. The building can be used as a warehouse for the equipment, products, etc. Installation of prefabricated buildings of sandwich panels suitable for agricultural use (e.g. cattle). Relevant services of the General contractor in the construction of industrial facilities: plants, factories etc. Even sports facilities can be built of sandwich panels.