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Completed projects

YOU CAN WATCH HOW WE ARE DOING OUR JOB! We provide our clients with start-to-finish services. We’ll send you photos and videos made by a drone.

ТТRADE LTD - General contractor one of the main areas of activity is professional installation of metal structures

The construction is carried out in any time of the year, in a short time, with full reference to the existing objects, with excavation and Foundation work, interior trim and installation of the necessary equipment.
  • construction of warehouses, hangars
  • The construction of agricultural buildings
  • The construction of shopping malls, stores
  • Construction of industrial buildings
Performed installation of metal structures
with a guarantee of the strength of the structure
    50+ years
We will prepare an estimate and show how it will look in the finished building before construction even started!

If speed is important and quality — please contact the TTRADE!

The average construction time is 2-4 weeks

Lifetime for our pre-fabricated buildings — 25 years without major repairs.

Manufacturer's warranty on sandwich panel — 10 years.

Savings on the project — more than 30 %.

Installation of sandwich panels


Offices, factories, shopping malls, refrigeration chambers from sandwich panels
Using this versatile material, we are accelerating the construction of 7-8 times and create objects, which is not terrible temperature changes. The building of the sandwich panels energy efficient (for its heat resistance comparable to a thick-walled brick), which allows to reduce heating costs. Have excellent soundproofing, high-tech and modern look.
The best solution for warehouses, storehouses and refrigeration chambers

Growers Agrodar (9000 m2 of sandwich panels), vegetable and fruit storage farm "Tavria-SKIF" (11800 m2 of sandwich panels) the fruit storage "BLEKSI frut KOMPANI" (1700 m2 of sandwich panels), warehouses CJSC "Ukrainian bacon" — just some of the dozens of projects where we have used the technology fast energy-efficient construction.

Sandwich panels have high thermal insulation properties, low water absorption and will allow you to save not only during the construction phase of the warehouse, warehouse, refrigerating chamber, but also in the process of their operation.

Select the thickness of the sandwich panels depending on the needs

In your refrigeration for the temperature range that is needed:

60-120 mm

to ensure the storage of products at temperatures of -10 to +10 C

160-200 mm

for deep or

When mounting used by modern cargo-handling equipment

refrigeration doors and sectional doors

Installation of doors and sectional doors

  • Cold room door
    The quality of the products stored in the refrigeration compartment depends on the efficiency of the installation, preservation and maintenance of the temperature at the required level. The efficiency of the unit is its tightness. Professional installation of the door provides complete sealing of the cooling chamber and maintaining the required temperature regime at the expense of “system evacuation” and the lack of penetration of air from outside the chamber.
    Read more about refrigeration doors
  • Sectional doors
    Sectional doors enhance the performance of your workflow, ensure sealing and protection of the premises, the safety of storage of goods in it. Installation of gates shall be performed strictly in accordance with the technical recommendations of the manufacturer and to fulfill its main purpose. We guarantee professional installation of sectional doors and provide a guarantee on their work.
    Read more about sectional doors
Our company has extensive experience in installing, configuring, refrigeration doors and sectional doors

industrial floors

Industrial floors in production and storage areas, freezers

Resistant to abrasion, moisture and chemical resistant, durable, dustless coating for various premises. We create perfectly smooth floors that can withstand heavy-duty loads, and not require repair for many years.

The excellent quality of the floor, regardless of the amount of the load during the entire period of its operation

Our work is your gain.

the installation of the roof

Performed the installation of the roof with economical, reliable and functional system

Installation of the siphon-vacuum system

siphon-vacuum system RAINPLUS®, produced by Valsir provides for a simple and versatile mounting

Weld This connection system allows maximum space saving. The connection is welded by the tool, to which are attached tongs, mill and weld the apparatus. Using Swiss equipment, we can perform welding of HDPE pipes with diameters from 40 to 315 mm. It is the most common method of pre-Assembly of the parts of the system for subsequent installation on site

Welding with electrosoft the Most practical connection system. Requires the use of a welding tool that emits an electric current to the clutch for melting and connection of pipes, fittings. It is a system of welding the outer surfaces, the inner surface remains untapped

Screw fitting Is a system of connections which can be disassembled, in case it is necessary to connect the various parts of the system quick and practical. If there is no header with mounting clamp, this connection type does not provide resistance to stretching, and require anchoring pipes

Flanged fitting , the connection system used to connect the tanks and sanitary units with flange connection. This fitting, which can be disassembled, in addition, it is resistant to stretching

Valsir HDPE is a material that is extremely easy to use, connection methods are numerous and meet the requirements of every application

Valsir HDPE is used to implement a system of draining used water, rain water, private civil and public construction, for example, in office buildings, hotels, medical institutions, schools, barracks, sports centers and buildings for industrial use
The excellent resistance of the material of the ultraviolet rays allows installation both inside outside the building
Due to resistance to abrasion, impact resistance and flexibility, the products can be installed under the ground
Excellent elasticity and resistance to mechanical stress on the inner wall of the pipe resulting from thermal expansion.
Valsir HDPE can be mounted inside walls, under concrete

The installation of solar panels

Construction and installation of solar
power plants in Ukraine

The company ТТRADE LTD is ready to offer all necessary services and to act as General contractor in any projects related to the implementation of renewable energy sources, in particular the construction of solar power plants in Ukraine
The staff of our company employs experts in solar energy who regularly improve their level of qualification and practical experience — for more than a dozen successful projects. So if You are interested in services for the construction of solar power plants — we invite you to contact our company. We have all the necessary licenses to perform design and construction works, including as a General contractor
ТТRADE LTD has a main equipment and machinery for the civil works and installation of solar power plant. Implementing projects for the construction of SES, we produce installation and construction works for rooftops and ground solar power plants. Our company has accumulated extensive practical experience in the installation of solar panels on almost all types of roofs. ТТRADE LTD conducts the training of plant personnel, thereby reducing the risks for its future operation.

Supervision during construction
solar power plants

As the General designer of renewable energy facilities, the company ТТRADE LTD provides services for the supervision construction of solar power plants
See how we work!
We are ready to give a tour of the different facilities that we’ve built. We are proud to show you our completed projects!

TTRADE is a General contractor specializing in the design and construction of industrial facilities in Kiev.

Our company offers lower prices of competitors due to:

  • the experience of professionals who know how to optimize the project, not only at design stage but also during the implementation;
  • the involvement of own construction equipment;
  • exclusive rights to supply the European building materials;
  • the build cycle works General Contracting – from the initial idea to the final completion of the project;
  • commitments compliance with regulatory standards;
  • compliance with the undertakings referred to when signing the contract.

The General contractor (the company TTRADE) will provide the construction of buildings of sandwich panels to the Polish manufacturer PaNELTECH:

  • filled with foam;
  • with a filler of mineral wool;
  • with polyurethane and polyisocyanurate filler: PW PUR PW PIR PW PIR SOFT.

Technical catalogue of sandwich panels PaNELTECH.

Examples of completed projects you can find on the website in the section "Portfolio". The price of the services contractor is calculated individually based on the complexity and scope of work. If you have questions, please contact our specialists.

High speed of execution becomes a significant advantage in the construction of the sandwich panels. This material is versatile and allows you to build everything from the factory to a small storage space. Not postponing "indefinitely", we offer the services of a General contractor company TTRADE. Our specialists carry out the construction of the facility in accordance with the prepared project. The price of installation of prefabricated buildings(bvz) depends on the category of difficulty of construction, as well as the availability of permits and project documentation.

A leader amongst General Contracting

The construction of BMZ affordable for even first-time entrepreneur, who expects a quick return on investment. The building can be used as a warehouse for the equipment, products, etc. Installation of prefabricated buildings of sandwich panels suitable for agricultural use (e.g. cattle). Relevant services of the General contractor in the construction of industrial facilities: plants, factories etc. Even sports facilities can be built of sandwich panels.